Improve Revenues

As a major addition to revenues "Bumper Cars on Ice" can really increase your company's profits. There are just too many ice rinks and too little customers. It takes a great idea and something really special and unique to remain on top of your competition. The best form of advertising is word-of-mouth, but how do you get the word out there? As a living example to all this, Van Nuys Iceland - an ice skating rink in San Fernando Valley has come a long way. From having just a few customers a day to literally having the biggest skating school in the surrounding area, from just a couple of birthday parties a week to having 10 in one weekend. What has made this rink so popular you might ask? After incorporating "Bumper Cars on Ice" as a part of ice skating business at Van Nuys Iceland the profits have grown tremendously. Being profitable as an event, "Bumper Cars on Ice" attraction brings its' best benefit to the business when they bring costumers to your location. How else would your potential costumers find out about your great skating school program or your great atmosphere if they're not there? Creating a unique experience is hard, in fact it's almost impossible unless you have something up your sleeve that no one else does. "Bumper Cars on Ice" creates a unique advantage over your competition by bringing people to your business, because you have something no one else does. "Bumper Cars on Ice" is a new attraction that you will not find anywhere else, and like any new trend, it catches the eye. As a result of incorporating "Bumper Cars on Ice" the amount of camps and private groups increased in the summer time bringing more people to the business. If you want to make your customers happy, then brings them the unique experience that is "Bumper Cars on Ice."