Priority Leasing

174 Green Street , Melrose MA 02176

Phone 800 761 2118 ext 18 Fax 781 321 4108

Charlie Quint Vendor Services Manager



Recipient fax: (323) 298-0661

Lease and Remember. Any type of machine & or equipment.

Income is not generated from the ownership of equipment; it is generated by the use of it! Replace or expand any type of equipment for your bus.

Competitive rates: Dollar out rates.


•  Lease and Conserve Capital

Cash remains un-touched; leave it available for other uses or simply in reserve. We finance new or used equipment of any type.

Rule 179 Tax incentives. Fully expense tangible property.


•  Lease and Get Better Terms and Lower Payments.

Equipment can be leased for a considerably longer period of time, affording a much lower monthly outflow of cash.


•  Lease and Save Bank Lines of Credit.

Leasing can protect your credit line facilities so they may be utilized for other profitable purposes. Excellent terms with dollar buyouts.


•  Lease and Enjoy Tax Savings and Improve Cash Flow.

The full cost of lease payments can often be treated as an expense deduction for tax purposes. In any given year, the new tax law allows deductions of up to $100,000 in lease depreciation. This may result in a larger tax deduction and that means cash in your pocket.


•  Lease and Expect Fixed Payments. Quick response via email.

Leasing offers fixed payments. There will be no surprises like conventional variable rate loans. 24 to 60 month terms Available.

One page credit application with no personal credit pulls.

•  Lease and Experience No Obsolescence Worries.

At lease end, you have the option to return the equipment if you no longer need or want it. This leaves you free to update and reevaluate where your dollars are spent.



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