About Us

Valley Ice Skating was founded in September, 2001.  It is the sole distributor of bumper cars for North and South America as well as many other countries of the world.


Placing Bumper Cars on ice is a terrific idea, which may revitalize your ice

skating rink.


Over the years we have developed many programs, which were successful in bringing people back to an ice rink. We were the first to come up with the idea of placing bumper cars on ice.  While seemingly simple, this idea was not apparent to our competitors.   They simply did not realize the ice surface was ideal for bumper cars while an ice skating rink facility was ideal to offer this attraction to its customers, many of whom are children.

The idea of placing bumper cars on ice has become a tremendous success and we want to share it with the rest of the world.  Our company has developed tested and modified bumper cars to be fit for use on ice surface. Bumper Cars have proved to generate significant additional revenues for ice skating facilities, boosting the overall performance and increasing attendance.


Our Bumper Cars are functionally superior to competition. Bumper cars provide for a very safe and fun ride.  They spin 360 degrees and do not require an expensive electric floor.  They do not get stuck in the corners, unlike most of competing products.  Our cars are battery operated, which makes among the safest and inexpensive products to operate.


Bumper cars are simple

and fun.

The operation of bumper cars is easy: children learn how to handle futuristic joysticks with no effort at all.  Bumper cars have proven themselves time and time over to be an essential part of any entertainment facility, providing one of the finest attractions on the market at a very affordable price.


Bumper cars on Portable Rink

Add bumper cars for lots of smiling faces in your family entertainment center or take the

portable rink on the road to children’s parties. The portable rink system is designed to

address all party needs. The floor is modular, easy to assemble and utilizes an

inflatable barrier for added excitement, safety and portability.


We offer a new revolutionary portable bumper car arena.


We currently offer a number of related products, such as the new portable bumper car arena, which can be towed by a standard pickup truck and brought to your customer's doorstep. The portable arena is a revolutionary product for the party rental industry as it offers a service rarely, if at all, available elsewhere. 

The portable arena can accommodate 4 bumper cars.  As an additional benefit, the arena can be parked and operated in a customer’s driveway, which is great for those who do not have a luxury of a large back yard.


Bumper cars are a universal addition to any entertainment center or a party rental company. Bumper cars distributed by Valley Ice have the unique ability to ride on smooth concrete, epoxy coat finish, sheet metal, synthetic and real ice, as well as almost any other surface, as long as it is very slick, and provides for very little friction. They can be used by children of ages 4 and above as well as adults.